"Autumn Lee"

RELEASE DATE: December 23, 2003 (Vinyl) / April 18, 2009 (Digital)

It was a hot, sweaty day during the summer of 2003 when Andy Bodean and the Bottom Boys entered a make-shift recording studio to record the two of four songs that would come to be the "Autumn Lee" single. The session was initiated in order to have an EP to support the band during its 2003 Fall Tour, yet, due to post-production difficulties, the EP never saw the light of day until after the tour was complete, and only then in the form of a single.

Two other songs were recorded during this session: "With Body and Soul" and "An Ante-Bellum Sermon" (the latter will probably never see a release in its then recorded form; the sound clip is taken from a very early private rehearsal). Nonetheless, "Autumn Lee" the single was released on vinyl on December 23, 2003, well after the tour had commenced. Andy Bodean and the Bottom Boys would return to the studio after the release of "Autumn Lee" to record two follow-up songs from the then current tour: "You're Telling Lies" and "I've Been Working So Hard"; although neither were released, they will indeed be heard on the upcoming "Anthology" album.

In an attempt to bring ABB2 back into the "big" picture and promote its upcoming "Anthology" release, "Autumn Lee" (the single) was made available for purchase digitally on Amazon and iTunes (among others) on April 18, 2009. As such, the option to purchase the digital version or the "as-intended" vinyl version (i.e., with physical artwork and vinyl-goodness) is made available below.

"Anthology" is currently in production and should see release within a year (or two). As the boys would say, "rock and roll, for fun."

Track Listing:

Produced by Zack Wilson and Pete Cummings. All songs composed by Josh Guntel and Andy Trundle. Copyright ©2009 Black Label Empire. All Rights Reserved.