BLE Studio features a number of different audio recording and tracking devices, not to mention microphones and outboard effects. Below is a partial list of what BLE Studio offers:

Multi-track Devices:

  • TASCAM 38 8-Track Recorder Reproducer
  • TASCAM TSR-8 8-Track Recorder Reproducer
  • TASCAM ATR-60/8 8-Track Recorder Reproducer
  • TASCAM DA-88 Digital 8-Track Recorder Reproducer
  • DigiDesign ProTools DAW System
  • Steinberg Cubase DAW System
  • Mackie d8b Digital Recording System

    Mixing Consoles:

  • TASCAM M-1508 Recording Mixer
  • Allen & Heath Mix Wizard3 16:2 Mixer
  • Mackie 24-8 8-Bus Recording Console

    Microphones and Other Devices:

  • AKG Condenser and Dynamic Microphones
  • Vintage Electo-Voice Microphones
  • Modern and Vintage Sennheiser Microphones
  • Modern Shure Dynamic Microphones
  • Blue Baby Bottle Microphones
  • Numerous DBX 160 Series Compressors
  • Numerous outboard preamps by DBX, Focusrite and Mackie
  • Modern and Vintage outboard effect devices
  • Numerous high-quality microphone stands and cables
  • Numerous electric pianos by Wurlitzer, Casio, Yamaha and Fender, not to mention MIDI devices
  • Numerous complete drum sets and other percussion devices
  • Numerous ashtrays and surge-protectors

  • Should anything not be listed above, it does not mean it cannot be done; feel free to contact BLE Studio via the Contact section with specific information about the project.

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