MARCH 27, 2004
A new video has been added to the Download section. The video was recorded live at Communist's performance at The End of Nashville on December 31, 2002, courtesy of Amp It Up! Limited Productions.

JANUARY 31, 2004
Communist management has authorized BLE to upload a second track from the group's "Paper Suns" LP, entitled "Marquis de Sade." Please visit the Download section to download "Marquis de Sade" ("Yosemite Dan" has been removed from the LP, but you are more than welcome to download it anyhow as a special "Internet Only" bonus).

Speaking of "Paper Suns," you are more than welcome to order a copy of the new LP by visiting the Order section; this, the much-anticipated second release from Communist, has been gaining rave reviews all across the continent. Try it out for yourself by downloading "Marquis de Sade" from the new disc. If you like it, you can buy it.